Today I will talk about ideas. You know the ones we have while taking a shower that turn a 5 min shower into an hour long one or the ones that strike us in the dead of the night and leave us sleepless. The very same ideas that leave us thinking, the ones that others dismiss as daydreaming. Ideas so radical, you dare not tell them to anyone in fear of being a subject of public mockery. Ideas so powerful, they carry within them the force to change the course of world, yet so unformed when you encounter them at first. Here is the thing, no matter what, don't dismiss them.

Let them brew. Let them take a shape that our ignorant mind can relate more closely to; a form we understand better. All ideas begin as unformed thoughts. Some carry within them the seeds of the future while others not so much. But here is the funny part, most of the times you do not know which ones are the ones to nurture. So the only sensible thing you should do is wait and let them grow.

Our tech world is obsessed with making execution the single thing that makes all the difference between a great product vs a shitty one. Execution is important but not so much without a great idea. Think of the duo like a great car and a great driver. Without a driver who knows what to do with the car, the ride will just not be the same. But to say the ride in itself is worthless is far fetched. For without one the other is worthless or at least fairly diminished in value.

There is something else about ideas, I must tell you. Your gut will often try to fool you into thinking of an idea as not feasible. Don't let it do that. Instead when you come across one of those ideas, pause, take that Field Notes out and jot it down. Don't worry what you write, could be just words, barely making any sense, but that's ok. Just don't ignore them.

Keep thinking. Keep tinkering.