A month back I asked around for recommendations of print based magazines. The two constraint were on frequency and content. I wanted it to be of lower frequency, so that each subscription felt like a gift, a far cry from digital. In terms of content, I wanted them to be around lifestyle, food, travel, photography or fashion. I was intentional to not ask for more design based magazine recommendation (though they ends up coming nonetheless).

Following is a list of the ones that people recommended and looked interesting enough to me. Of these I did end up subscribing and ordering a lot, but not all. Hopefully some of these might be new or interesting to you.


  • Collective Quarterly — I ended up ordering the Marfa issue, which happens to be the first issue. This is unique in the sense, in that they are trying to go to otherwise, not on the radar, places. And record their journey as creatives.
  • Aperture Magazine
  • Travel Almanac


  • Monocle — I do not know why, but I cannot get to appreciate the Monocle. It is just too much of content, and I want less. I am sure though, I am in the minority, and people love their style.
  • Revolv
  • Inventory
  • Elephant Magazine
  • This is paper — Another first issue edition. When it came to my desk, it was filled with postcards and hand drawn Thank-You. The style is unique in the sense that they go in detail around forward thinking design work of today and the nature of print forces a more thoughtful introspection.
  • Works that work — This is for the curious soul. They cover a lot of breadth around design related innovation and projects. Each issue is bound to have a project you always wanted to know more about or something new that is interesting to you.
  • Digest — This one is from my friend Elliot and his team. It focuses around creative professionals and their lifestyle. Looking closely at a particular aspect, be it different styles of beer or the gentle nudge you need to step away from the computer.
  • Kinfolk — Needs no introduction. Bulky but filled with short stories and photo essays.
  • Colors
  • Believer
  • FringedNot out yet


  • Cereal — This is one of my new favorite magazines. Simple and minimalist in design, the content is thoughtful and deeply researched. Coupled with beautiful photography, it comes highly recommended.
  • Boat Magazine — One city per issue. Go!

Design and process

  • Maker
  • Process Journal
  • Made Quarterly
  • Offscreen — While I intentionally wanted the recommendations to be not about design. This one from Kai is great magazine in print, about pixel folks. Each issue has close up interviews with the people behind the digital interfaces we are too familiar with.
  • It's Nice That
  • Eye



Towards fashion


  • Wildsam Guides — While they are not a magazine, they are a great addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in cities and discovering the best aspects of a city.