This was my first trip to Mount Davidson, so it was a bummer that the fog was not playing nice for getting great shots. Personal highlight was having to read about coyotes on Wikipedia, because I ended up coming way too early when it was still dark, and was afraid that I might run into a coyote.

Also, I finally understand why friends are so fascinated with #thatsftree.

Making Friends

Met Tristan for the first time. We had wanted to shoot together for a while so it was great to finally meet in real life. Also met Zach Cole and Andi Teggart.

With fog showing no signs of mercy, we decided to explore the trails and see if we could get something good for the day.

Gradients with the fog

For about 15 min, Karl decided to give us breathtaking views of the city, before it covered everything again. All in all, it ended up being a pretty fun shoot because of the brief yet magnificent clearing of the fog to give a glimpse of San Francisco.

Check out the pics on Flickr or read this story on Exposure