Just in time for the sunrise

Over the weekend Chris Connolly, Dave Johannes, Rebecca Goldman, Andrew Kim and I made an early morning trip to Point Reyes to chase the fog and shoot pretty pictures. We started off with the Monterey Cypress Tree Tunnel as our first stop and managed to reach just in time for the sunrise and barely a few minutes before the sun was blanketed away by the fog.

Among Friends

Vanishing Poles

We came across these poles that looked simply beautiful in the fog.

Oh Hello There

Point Reyes has its share of animals that surprise you by showing up from behind the fog. The fog kept playing tricks with light that made us want to stop every now and then by the road side.

The Lighthouse

We came way before the lighthouse opens up but the friendly park ranger was ok with us walking all the way to the top. So we did just that.

Indeed it is true. Everything does look prettier in the fog. Also magical & mystical. Check out the pics on Flickr or read this story on Exposure