For every person on the stage there are a thousands shouting, criticizing from the sidelines. These are my two favorite quotes on silencing the critiques and getting back to working hard.

Pulsar — Rethinking RSS

A bold and probably crazy proposal for a new content API that might be better off replacing RSS. In a world of where access to content is free and in abundance, why is it still so hard to keep track of our favorite websites without having to visit each one of them individually.

Feedback & Fidelity in Design

A lot of hours can be wasted when feedback and the stage at which the design process itself is, are not calibrated. Some thoughts and perspectives on how to avoid those from both sides of the table.

Building a better blogging platform

Why is blogging still so painful and time consuming? A list of tweaks and areas of improvement to make this an easier and richer experience.

The Great Age of Unbundling

A while back when I wrote about "Content in a digital era", I touched briefly on the idea of unbundling. It's not a novel idea, I am pretty sure you have heard of it before, in one form or the other. The more interesting aspect is what it means ...

What's Next

A new beginning while saying goodbye to friends at Pulse.

Ephemeral Apps

If we were designed apps and digital experience to last for longer period of time, what would be the things we would need to change. Which of the apps we use and love today will be around in a year from now. 5 years? 10 years?

Reflections & Resolutions

Reflecting on the things that went great in 2012 and the things I want to improve and work upon in 2013.