Hack Design Lesson

A small contribution to end the series for Hack Design, a great free course for those getting started in design.

Point Reyes

Everything looks prettier in the fog

What kind of a designer are you?

Digital design has changed a lot as a profession in the last few years. What does it mean to be a designer today? What are the expectations, responsibilities and skills to build delightful products for millions?


In a world of over-shared thoughts and filtered photographs, how are we saving our precious memories for tomorrow. Some thoughts on how this culture of vanity is being challenged by a new set of apps.


For every person on the stage there are a thousands shouting, criticizing from the sidelines. These are my two favorite quotes on silencing the critiques and getting back to working hard.

Pulsar — Rethinking RSS

A bold and probably crazy proposal for a new content API that might be better off replacing RSS. In a world of where access to content is free and in abundance, why is it still so hard to keep track of our favorite websites without having to visit each one of them individually.

Feedback & Fidelity in Design

A lot of hours can be wasted when feedback and the stage at which the design process itself is, are not calibrated. Some thoughts and perspectives on how to avoid those from both sides of the table.